What is a Gentleman?


A Gentleman: A polite, gracious, or considerate man with high standards of propriety or correct behavior.

What is a Club?

A Club: A group of people organized for a common purpose



Is a group of polite, gracious, or considerate men with high standards of etiquette, propriety or correct behavior.

The focus of ‘The Gentleman’s Club’ is Leadership, Social Responsibility, Family Responsibility, Personal Responsibility and Goal Setting.

Each young man has the ability to become a Gentleman however, they all need training and direction. This web site provides a training workshop for the single mother, who wants her son to become a Gentleman.  I will share successful training ideas I’ve used to teach my three sons but several of their friends about proper ‘etiquette’  and  ‘How to become a Gentleman.’  The classes also included young boys and  men with various different special needs. They  were often the first ones to understand a specific etiquette concept or skill and then quickly applied it.

Our Motto: ‘Inside of every young man awaits a Gentleman’

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